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What happens when bees stop making honey…

The history of bees runs parallel to that of mankind. Since the dawn of humanity, man has prized honey. Today, this nectar has become rare, because the bees are not well.

In France over the past thirty years, the bee population has been diminishing and becoming increasingly fragile. The blame can be placed squarely on man’s shoulders: the industrial exploitation of nature, the excessive addition of chemicals to produce better quality honey in greater quantities. The quest for more has backfired.

Once again, an ecosystem is in danger. It is not only the bee but the whole complementary chain linking animal to plant life that has been disrupted. No bees means no pollinisation, which means the disappearance of certain plant species, which in turn means the disappearance of certain animal species…

The disappearance of bees: what are the consequences for the ecosystem?

Bees are honey producers as well as indispensable actors in the pollinisation of flowers and plants. Bees are an element in the interactive ecosystem chain. The bee’s role is very important in the various life cycles of different species. Without bees, there would be no honey, but more importantly, certain plants would not be able to reproduce and would thus become extinct. In turn, this would lead to the disappearance of certain animal species.

''If the bee became extinct, man would only survive
a few years beyond it'', Einstein predicted…

Source: Science Actualites



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