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They may be tiny and have no limbs, but we humans can take a page or two out of their book. Their life's purpose is to clean and enrich their living space - the soil. They basically feed on dead matter and, using their superior digestive system, turn them into material that nourishes the soil so that plants can flourish to feed us.

In one acre, you can find millions of them tunnelling and feeding, pulling leaves from the surface to their burrows and moving deeper soil to the top when they dposit their digestive waaste. And if you want to talk about productivity, these little guys bring 2 to 90 tonnes of material to a one-acre surface a year. Their tunnels also allow air and water to penetrate soil easily and provide easy channels for root growth. Earthworms have five hearts, which may just explain their level of passion for what they do. Even in their deaths, they continue to give - dead earthworms are 60% protein, adding rich quantities of nitrogen to the soil. Just as Charles Darwin said in 1881, "It may be doubted whether there are many other creatures which have played so imprtant a part in the history of the world.




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