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The Elephant's foraging activities may seem detructive, but this act of pulling down trees to eat the leaves help to create clearings for new young trees and other vegetation to grow. Not only that, he also helps regenerate the forest by spreading the seeds of many species through his faeces. Acadia seeds, for one, have been found to sprout much better after being eaten and dunged by Elephant than if they simply fall to the ground. The pathways Elephant creates as he travels trrough an area with his herd are used for access by other animals as well, and bumans have even converted some of them to pavedreads. In the dry season, Elephant digs into dry riverbeds to reah underground water sources, and this often becomes the only source of water in the area. Termites depend on Elephant's faeces as a source of food as well as building material for their mounds.




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