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He may have a high "ick" factor in the sense that he's usually associated with wicked witches of Western folklore, has skin that's slimy and dwells in the grossest part of town, from wet fields to urban drains. Well, Frog is due some respect - he plays a vital role in pest control, thereby preventing illnesses (like malaria, encephalitis and other diseases carried by inserts) that we are susceptible to. If you think that's no big deal, understand that his voracious appetite enables him to eat more than his weight. Fewer than 50 frogs are needed to keep an acre of rice paddy field free of insects. Frog's waste also serves as good organic fertiliser and as food for snakes that in turn eat the rats that plague paddy fields. That's not all - he also works to warn us if something bad is happening around us. His body is susceptible to genetic mutations as its thin skinis particularly sensitive to toxic themicals. If Frog ever show up at your door with only three legs, you'll know that something dodgy is happening in your backyard.




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