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Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone may book like he's doing nothing but hanging around the coral reef looking pretty, but he does have important tasks in his surrounding ecosystem. His tentacles can sting and paralyse of kill fish that smaller creatures living in the reef can feed on. He protects the clown-fish and damselfish, bright small fish with the ability to lure large fish towards the Anemone (the clown-fish and damselfish are the only species immune to the sting). The Anemone also helps the zooxanthella, an important good algae to corals, get exposure to sunlight and is a great indicator organism for UV radiation in marine life. UV radiation is dangerous to marine life. For instance, it can impair celllar division in developing sea urchin eggs, and it can also change the movements and orientation of tiny organisms as they move through ocean waters, disrupting the law and order of the ocean.




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