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Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Is an innovative orang-utan conservation program - Heart 2 Heart with Orang Utan is a one day program which gives articipants a closer look to behind the scene orangutan conservaton work. The program starts with briefing on the conservation program in a 'Get to Know' session before proceeding for a guided tour of the Wildlife Centre. They will be introduced and assigned tasks and areas of responsibilities or duties which include cagescleaning; food preparations for orangutans, orangutan enrishment program, assisting in related research, and education or other tasks will be assigned to each participant. At the end of the day a Heart 2 Heart Participant Certificate will be issued to acknowledge their contributions to the centre's activities.

Additionally, participants can opt to play further role in conservation as an 'adapter' of orangutans at the Centre. Adopters will be given updates on the progress of orangutans at the two cnetres and will be presented an adoption certiticate. Funds collected through Orangutan Adoption Program, subsequently will be used to support conservation work including:

  • various projects on orangutan conservation
  • education program for local communities on orangutan conservaton, and
  • food and medication for orangutan in both centres.

Sarawak, 94500
Tel: 082-246 575



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